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The half Russian and half Ukrainian artist, Aleksej Adamaitis was born in Russia in 1985. As a kid, he had a windowsill full of miniature plasticine animal sculptures. He enjoyed creating those small and intricate objects; the attention to detail in creating those small figures required focus and perseverance. It also helped him forgetting about reality and allowed him to escape this world and dive inside his world of happiness and imagination. And today this habit had become a passion, reason why he continues to create such detailed work that requires immense levels of patience and focus, either in paintings or sculptures. 


Aleksej likes to experiment with new materials and explore new styles, techniques, and different areas of practice like paintings; Aleksej sometimes pains figurative hyper-realistic and abstract paintings. For his hyper-realistic pieces, he uses oil paint, and for his abstract paintings, he uses water, oil-based paint, and mixed media. For finishing touch, Aleksej applies some resin, a glass-like coating, to the surface of the painting; This complements the colours and the deliberate imperfections within the surface of his work, creating an excellent finish.


Aleksej is always looking for a different approach to his work; that’s why his results differ in styles and techniques. His works are inspired by artists ranging from Claude Monet to Marco Grassi and Ron Mueck. Also, for inspiration, Aleksej uses nature for his abstract paintings and for figurative work he uses people’s or his own experience of life to portray a message in figurative work. 

  • artistic talent

  • determination and commitment

  • self-belief

  • the ability to come up with and develop good ideas

  • good visual communication skills

  • mold making

  • technical ability

  • good organisational skills and the ability to meet deadlines

  • effective research skills

  • the ability to work independently and with others

  • communication skills

  • stamina and a willingness to put in long hours.

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